My Services

My responsibility is to represent your user and offer them the best possible version of your product and content. To do this I must understand your user and align your business goals with their needs

Fact Finding

Empathise & Define Heuristic Analysis
Competitor Analysis
User Testing
Consult Google Analytics
Create Persona
Document User Journey

Problem Solving

Define and Ideate
User Journey
Content Architecture
Create Wireframes
Workshop Wireframes
Create Prototype
Workshop Prototype

Test Assumptions

User Tests on Prototypes
Google Analytics Comparisons
Update Prototypes
Test Again
Workshop Result

Build and Iterate

AB testing
User Tests on V1/Beta
KPI checklist
Google Analytics Comparisons

Wendy Robb

Somewhere between my curiosity with the way that people think, and my journey from Design and Development to a role in Project Management, I realised that I have an intuitive understanding of how the user in their many guises thinks and functions. The User Experience seems to be the pivot of all of my work and often the focus of my role in a project.

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